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Queima de Fogos Copacabana 2012 (Marcius Clapp)

CLIP New Year's Copacabana 2013 - CARAVANA TIME LAPSE Imagens Registradas em N° Série..Direitos Marcius Clapp.. Copyright:Marcius Clapp Deixo o LINK abaixo de mais uma produção Marcius Clapp Queima de Fogos Copacabana 2012 gravada na Atlântica, na cobertura do meu amigo Gilles (gilles.riocoberturas)

Time-Lapse Characterization of Arabidopsis Starch Metabolism Mutants

During the early exponential growth phase of plants, the majority of photoassimilates are reinvested into new leaf material. Leaf area, one of many growth parameters, has been examined by time-lapse photography in Arabidopsis starch metabolism mutants. The irregular shape of leaves can make measurement by traditional means difficult, especially for large numbers of plants. By taking a digit...

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Get Gas

Eine nächtliche Tour durch die schönste Stadt Deutschlandsmit 63 Ampeln. 0:53 bis 1:04 bin ich auf der Reeperbahn ;) A Night Tour through Germanys most beautiful city passing 63 traffic lights. At 0:53 till 1:04 you'll see the famous Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany. *g* Music: Blade Soundtrack - Blood Rave

Samsung HMX-H220 / X-MAS Time Lapse / from dawn till dusk on a snowy day

almost 12h time lapse... see the snow grow :D HIER HD CAMCORDER KAUFEN:

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Time-lapse Matrix of weather in Europe - May.June 2012

Every day we are given an designed illusion which is the exoteric view of the world. All our convictions are programmed so we can be used against each other while an selected elite profits from our misery. This evil is extremely organized. Here is its history described: O que nos está a acontecer só pode ser entendido com o decorrer da história esc...

Майнкрафт таймлапс | Астероидный комплекс Астрон

Бесплатные лицензионные ключи minecraft | Dowload free minecraft keys - Постоянные обновления ключей | Frequent updates of keys Создавай свои анимационные ролики minecraft - ----------------------------------------<wbr>­----------------------------------------<wbr>­---------------- Minecraft Timelapse ASTRON - Asteroid Complex

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Таймлапс в Майнкрафт (Замок) // Timelapse in Minecraft (Сastle)

Строим замок в режиме Timelapse. Получилось довольно красиво. Смотрите и оценивайте.

Brecon Beacons Dark Skies time-lapse

Bob Mizon, UK Co-ordinator of the British Astronomical Association's Campaign for Dark Skies, said: 'For years most children and adults in this country have been robbed of their star-filled night skies. 'The light from distant stars and galaxies takes hundreds, thousands, even millions of years to reach us. What a pity to lose it in the last millisecond of its journey. 'I hope others will fol...

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Time Lapse (Zeitraffer Vollverklebung) Vinyl Wrapping BMW 3 1080i p

Car wrapping Artist: Caner Damaroglu Car: BMW 3 Hier sieht man in Zeitraffer die Beklebung eines kompletten Sportwagens. Das Fahrzeug wurde fast vollständig vom Künstler alleine beklebt. Die Art der Vollbeklebung ist besonderes aufwendig, da alle zusammenhängende Teile des Fahrzeugs mit einem vollständigen Folienstück eingekleidet worden sind. Das bedeutet, daß die gesamte A-, B- und C-Säul...

Face Time Lapse (one year)

i don't own the music! 1st May 2012-1st May 2013

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Aurora over Stokmarknes, timelapse, 1st feb. 2014

Timelapse from february 1st 2014. Lots and lots of northern lights over Stokmarknes in northern Norway. Me and two friends (Baard and Michael) went to a place a little away from the city lights, close to the ocean, dressed in warm clothes. More auroras than any one of us had ever experienced appeared on the sky. All over the sky. For several hours. During a little more than two hours i captu...

GoPro Driving Timelapse To Torquay

This is my very 1st GoPro test video filming my drive to Torquay filmed on July 8th 2012. The video was filmed using a GoPro HD Hero2. 70kms jam packed in 3 mins. Music by Joe Satriani "Speed of Light". So if you like the video feel free to comment in the comment box below and Subscribe to my channel!

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rock full moon - time lapse

music : back in black

"Scaffolding & Wall Designs" :: Mindcrack Season 5 - Episode 10

We take a look at some progress, and we debate some different designs :) Timelapse music: Uncle Louie - Full Tilt Boogie (Slynk & Stickybuds Remix) ● Intro music: Slynk - You're The Fool (2014 Remaster) ● ● ● Check out Mindcrack! ● The MindCr...

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BERLIN dynamic timelapse

Пенза - Нижний Новгород 2014 TimeLapse 20x

Сайт проекта

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Saint Petersburg Russia Cанкт Петербург 2 Россия Time Lapse

Saint Petersburg Russia Cанкт Петербург 2 Россия Time Lapse Города России

"Правила жизни на дороге" Тема: Грубейшие нарушения ПДД.

Над программой работали: Ведущий: Александр Тарасов Текст читает: Дмитрий Раевский Автор/сценария и режиссер: Илья Леонов Операторы: Дмитрий Сурин, Александр Малахов Оператор time-lapse: Александр Берган Художник: Татьяна Косенкова Постпродакшн: Павел Лукинский Изготовлено компанией Leon Media LLC по заказу Комитета по взаимодействию с общественными организация...

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Rain in Venice

Rain in Venice Veu del CD Samplephonics “Zefora Ethereal Voices” musica mmc2100 vídeo: Editat a partir de fragments de vídeos descarregats de Youtube: .Trailer De "El Casanova" de Federico Fellini .Trailer De "Mort a Venècia" de Luchino Visconti .Low Light venezia venice vaig notte sony cx730 cx740 .Mystic Venice, Italy - Venezia, Itàlia .Venezia 1896 - Il Canal Gran ripreso dai fr...

[3D PRINTING] Kingdom Hearts Keyblade

Finalmente ho terminato la spada di Kingdom Hearts e sono super contento del risultato finale, scaricare il modello per supportarmi! ------ Have finally finished the sword of Kingdom Hearts and I am super happy of the final result, Download the model to support me! Link: ► Model - ► - - https://www.fac...