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HD Webcam Timelapse 10-20-2015 07:00-07:59

Timelapse Video from HD Webcam of Milwaukee Inner Harbor taken on 10-20-2015 from 07:00 to 07:59.

Moonset Time Lapse

Our cousin, Hunter, had the photography bug in him when we went out to Ranger Lake. After teaching him the basics of night sky photography and how to use the intervalometer, he captured this.

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HD Webcam Timelapse 06-19-2015 [full day]

Timelapse Video from HD Webcam of Milwaukee Inner Harbor taken on 06-19-2015 [full day].

3 August 2007 - WeatherCam Timelapse -

Time lapse video from the weathercam, captured on Friday the 3rd of August, 2007.

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Timelapse x4 del movimiento de la luna llena. Día de Navidad 2015. La Guardia (Toledo)

Timelapse x4 del movimiento de la luna llena. Día de Navidad 2015. La Guardia (Toledo)

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Sous le Mont Serieux

Enchainement de TimeLapse réalisés sur la commune de Piégut, dans les Alpes de Haute-Provence. Pic de Bure, Montagne de Charance ou vallée de la Durance, Ciels étoilés sont au rendez vous dans ce montage vidéo.

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Mesterfjellet School 1:25 Model

1:25 model of Mesterfjellet School in Larvik, Norway. Time-lapse of final day of building at Various Architects' office. Cebra ( Various Architects ( Østengen & Bergo ( Music by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

Cern LHC timelapse for August 2015 - BSRT

Screen captures taken from CERN's publicly available LHC status pages ( ) and stitched together to form this time-lapse for the month of August 2015. 4th screen here is the BSRT screens, please see other August video for the BDS screens.

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Wetter Emden Ostfriesland Zeitraffer vom 09.01.2016

Wolken Zeitrafferaufnahme vom 09.01.2016 aus Emden in Ostfriesland. Cloud Time lapse from Emden in East Frisia (Germany), taken with the Raspberry Pi camera.

sunset at davis and elkins college 9.17.13

Incredible sunset over Davis and Elkins College on September 17th, 2013. First looking over Albert Hall and then a sky view above Booth Library.

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"Schnee und Rodeln gut" in Berlin Marzahn Zeitraffer Brinno TLC200 Pro Time Lapse

"Schnee und Rodeln gut" in Berlin Marzahn im Zeitraffer

Aarhus drive

This is a time lapse which speeds up time with a factor 7, meaning that the top speed in this video is around 560 km/hour! The video has been recorded using an iPhone 4S using the TimeLapse app.

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How NOT To Steal An ATM

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2015-06-25 Kollafjørður, Norður í Sundum

Kollafjørður, Norður í Sundum Kelda:

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Derpy Hooves - Timelapse #4

DERPY HOOVES!!!! So to kickstart this year, I decided to upload this timelapse I made I little while ago. I might upload all of my stuff on Deviant Art but I am not too sure yet, I don't like the idea of someone taking the image and then claiming it as their own. Anyways, hope you all enjoyed the video! Previous Video- The Future Of LukeCraftHD ...

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TimeLapse - dostavba komína (2015-10-19)

Video je součástí našeho blogu Na blogu popisujeme celý průběh naší stavby pasivního domu včetně finančních nákladů a postupu jednotlivých prací. Co jde si děláme sami, co nejde poptáváme u řemeslníků ;-) Info o našem domu: - Stavbu domu jsme zahájili 13.7.2015 - Stavíme pasivní inteligentní dům - Stavíme z VPC - Dům bude komplet řízen pomocí Loxone