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iPhone 6 Time Lapse Video Test

EDC Las Vegas 2015 Day 1 Sunset Timelapse

Michael Stephens' Bending Reality TV -

EDC Las Vegas 2015 day 1 sunset timelapse.

About Bending Reality TV™
Is it possible to shift your reality by changing what you think, feel, and believe? Yes. Follow Life Performance Coach™, Psychic Energy Reader™, Name Reader™, and Remote Influencing expert Michael Stephens on his journey as he dramatically increases the success of rock stars, celebrities, businesspeople, the elite, and everyday people. Michael Stephens’s uncanny intuitive ability allows him to peer directly into individuals and reveal to them exactly what is holding them back from maximum happiness and success. Bending Reality TV™ is a breakthrough TV series that shows how people can shift their entire lives by learning his new system of success....  Read more »