"The Music Man" Props Pass 2 - OSMaD 2013 Timelapse Saturday Evening Show 19-10-2013


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OSMaD has a developed reputation for tackling the big ones in musical theatre at a professional level standard. Our past 5 shows have been ambitious and challenging. And here we go again. It is hard to imagine a more energetic show than The Music Man.

This show involves the biggest cast we've ever had. It is a lively, fast paced, funny, touching, musically rich show with wonderful vigorous dance sequences.

"The Music Man is a marvellous show, rooted in wholesome and comic tradition ... as American as Apple Pie and a Fourth of July oration"
- New York Times

The Music Man is a multi award winning musical set in small town middle America in the early 1900's. The plot concerns con man Har...  Read more ยป