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Earth Rotating from Galileo

Tornado Outbreak April 14, 2012 Northwestern Oklahoma

Some raw clips of the storms near Woodward, OK and Waynoka, OK April 14, 2012. Large tornado forms at 5:30 in the video!

Storm #1 (0:07 - 4:03) - Large funnel cloud and wall cloud nearly touches down. Very strong inflow winds. The Funnel formed within a couple hundred yards of where we were in the first shot.

Storm #2 (4:03 - 11:20) - Large wedge tornado from its early stages. It ends up hitting an oil reserve of some sort sparking a fire.

Time-Lapse of Storms (11:20 - end) - A quick Time-Lapse of some of the footage we took so you can really see the rotation in the storms.

Please excuse our excitement at times. Thankfully all of the storms we shot this day were in open country and didn't threaten any lives and there was very little property.

Also a windscreen would pr...