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Lord of the Rings Sauron / Sauropod Dinosaur Mashup Time Lapse Drawing & Watercolour

"Sauropod", by melmike. Vote 5 for fund here:

Recorded over a time span of about 30 hours, this illustration was done digitally on a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet using Ray Frenden's Pencil brushes and some other watercolour brushes in Adobe Photoshop CC. I initially intended this to have much more of a watercolour look, but as I went I decided to just colour the pencil sketch instead. It's a stupid LOTR pun, but what the hell, if you can't get a little silly every now and then, then what's the point?

For the dinosaur, I referenced Jay Taylor's depictions of Sauropods. I freely admit, he's a vastly superior illustrator than I. Check out his work here:

For the look of Mordor, Mount Doom, Barad-dûr and the Dead Marshes, I referenced stills fro...  Read more »