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Timescapes - A timelapse of Aarhus

This is a timelapse project I made together with Anna back in 2012 in collaboration with Filmby Aarhus and Aarhus Marketing Alliance.

Aarhus Marketing Alliance represents the biggest actors in town (Aros, Aarhus University, Aarhus harbour, Aarhus airport, Radisson and many more..).

Our main challenge here was to show on film the "flow and vibrance" of the city.

We focus on the main means of transport, mainly the harbour of Aarhus, you get to feel the breath of the city from dawn to sunset.

I hope you enjoy. The music is composed by Anna Granados.
You can see my work at:

Here is a description of the project for the press:

The nine city branding films have been produced by different talents from Aarhus -- from promising students to young professionals. ...  Read more »