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Cuando a uno lo dejan solo - Tirso Avila - Musica Llanera

TeamPornStar Multi-Boxing Adventures Ep 002: Leveling to 15

Notes for THIS video: In this video we'll be watching a time-lapse of me questing from level 2 (since I hit lvl 2 in my last video) to lvl 15. We'll be skipping most quests and just doing the easiest quickest ones! You'll notice from here on out I lose sync with my characters levels, which isn't a big deal since it's at such a low level, by the time I'm in my upper 70s maybe even before that shouldn't even be the difference of a mob kill!

Songs Used: All Music From
"The Clubbing of Isaac" by Big Giant Circles
"Spoiled R0TT3N" by Benjamin Briggs
"Fear Not" by Fray
"Vampire Killer (Deadcorpse)" by Children of the Monkey Machine

This is a series of my adventures through level 1-80 with a multi-boxing team!
Most of these videos will be time-lapse videos speed up by...  Read more »