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Time Lapses - Demolición del Puente Víctor Hugo - Ampliación de la Av. General Paz

Lego mosaic of the Dapper project by Brickworkz LLC

Brickworkz is at it again with another LEGO mosaic- this time, Brian and his team assemble a 49,000+ piece LEGO mosaic standing over six feet long and more than 5 feet high. The assembly took more than 120 hours, but was made quickly because of my helperz! These photos were taken every minute for the duration of the build. Check out more examples of LEGO mosaics by Brickworkz at and watch how we can Turn Your Pics Into Bricks!

*special thanks to Olivia, Jeff, Chris, Paul, Karen, Meghan, Chris R, Nick, Corbin, Donna, Leslie, Steve & Ken  Read more ยป