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Michael Jackson Skateboarding

Winterlude on the Canal

This is a time lapse video of the Rideau Canal Skateway (longest in the world!) in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. These were the first weekend days of Winterlude so it gets pretty busy. The night's get fairly boring so some of the dark scenes are shortened. Saturday (Feb 4, 2012) is when it starts to get really busy. There's a blip of fireworks on Saturday night followed by a mass of blue lights. The maintenance vehicles seem to dance on the ice each night as they get it prepped for another long day of abuse.

All filmed with a Logitech C510 webcam using Nimisis Flix for automated image grabs. I used VirtualDub to compile the images.

Special thanks to the Artists Jason Yang, Paul Detah, and Inka One for the usage of their hard work:
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