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A (Time Lapse) Walk through Disneyland Park

Hello, all!

This is a complete time lapsed walk through of the Disneyland park, with the exception of Critter Country. (Closed from time I made this [March 3, 2015] through April 3rd, 2015)

For this time lapse, I used a GoPro Hero 2 with just a regular handheld mini tripod mount. I was shooting at 11 megapixels at intervals of 1 second with the Wide Angle setting on.

As far as editing goes, I used Adobe Lightroom to edit each individual photo (in this case frame). Once I exported the photos, I used Adobe Premiere to piece together the video using amazing modern computer technology, which lets you import all photos as a sequence rather than importing all individual photos. Thank you Adobe! I also used Adobe After Effects for the introduction and the ending of the video.

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