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Nikon D3100 Time lapse - 1st attempt

Time Lapse Sunrise

Sunrise. March 10, 2008. Get a bell and ring it everyday for a year at sunrise and sunset. This installment: Time lapse morning- I thought I would take the opportunity to show how the color fades just before the actual sunrise and what do you know? It didn't. Instead it changed from that beautiful cotton candy pink to golden to butter-bright yellow. So now I need a new theory. I think it has to do with the amount of clouds in the sky to catch and hold the color and light. On the mornings where there are a few wispy clouds I have noticed that the pink turns to grey just at the sunrise and then become infused with color again once the sun is up. Or maybe it's seasonal. The earth is tipped more towards the sun now and not at the sharper angle it was earlier in the year. Any one have any i...  Read more »