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Heuersdorf church's arrival - Time Lapse

[HD 720p] Time Lapse - Winter Clouds

Watch in High Definition!

Yeah, another high speed cloud compilation :)

First scene is a sunrise, which I was shooting from a balcony at 6:44 in the morning. I am terribly sorry for the scene break, unexpectedly my batteries went down. Yeah I know, I need an AC adapter.

Second scene is just a 120 angle turn from the previous spot, but it was taken at midday. Despite some flickering I had to get rid of, I am actually kinda proud of this one :)

Signalrunners - Meet Me In Montauk (Original Mix) (My edit)

Some technical notes:
Due to the second scene flickering I had to use another software for editing. This was VirtualDub, which I admit is quite flexible compared to QuickTime. It also spared some time thanks to this new software, however I noticed some st...  Read more »