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Mt. Kinabalu Timelapse project - Sabah, Malaysia

During my recent trip back to my home town, I visited my favorite place again at Kundasang. I was on the mission to try out time lapse photography, and there is nothing as magnificent as Mt. Kinabalu to use as my subject base on my budget, travel opportunity and time frame.

The mountain is the tallest mountain in South East Asia. I had the opportunity to stay for three days two night to get it right. However, the tripod I used was light weight so I didn't know it wiggle a bit by the wind until I processed the photos.

First attempt took me about 1.5 hour, second attempt took me 3 hours, started at 6:30 am until a little over 9 am. If you stay at Kundasang, don't bother to try to see the mountain after 9 am. So, get up early, smell the fresh air and enjoy the view! I was lucky that ...  Read more »