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Perrier Presents The Black Lords by Desi Santiago - Installation Time-Lapse - Short Version

Miami Art Week 2012 saw Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water dominate the art deco panorama of Miami South Beach with a "Godzilla-sized" black dog installation by contemporary artist Desi Santiago.

Perrier® Presents The Black Lords by Desi Santiago -- A BOFFO Project at Lords South Beach engulfed the hotel becoming the largest-scale project in Santiago's career -- marking a certain "moment" in his fast rising status -- and our Société cameras captured it all unfold.

Shot over eight days via four different cameras and angles -- from sunrise to sunset -- Perrier recorded the evolution of the space as it transforms from hotel to hound.

Société Perrier also speaks with Santiago about his eye-catching project, which metamorphosizes the Lords South Beach hotel, into ...  Read more »