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Behind the Scenes: Animating Meet the Amazing Pyro Time-Lapse

Editing Brittany (Time Lapse) read dec.

This was one of my projects,i have done.
But it is the first one thout to record.
I started making such edits about a week ago,so im very fresh in doing chipmunks and chipettes edits. I have made quiet few edits without also recording,but i show them all to you later in a special video.My pictures are also uploaded to Devianart. i add link below.I thout to make atleast one picture of brittany also from beginning,and thout a black tank shirt would look wonderful on her. I hope you do enjoy this video.
Also i dont allow anyone to take it,recolor it or edit it without any credit and without asking.
Youtube: Micro NugisHD
Devianart: Feathershieldness
Song: chipettes-The Chipettes - Single Ladies  Read more »