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Time-lapse Of Maryland Blizzard January 23rd 2016

Booshoot - Timelapse

Booshoot is a biotechnology company with a passion for the natural world. This passion propelled nearly a decade of intensive scientific research that resulted in the groundbreaking technical capacity to rapidly and reliably propagate bamboo -- without genetic modification.

When Booshoot grew its first bamboo plants by tissue culture in 2004, a powerful, renewable natural resource was born. Until then, it was not possible to mass-produce bamboo in the United States -- or anywhere for that matter. Suddenly, the world had an ecologically beneficial sustainable fiber for the large-scale production of pulp, paper, textiles, hardwood, and so much more.

Founded in 1998 by Jackie Heinricher, Booshoot has built a strong reputation as the world's leading producer of bamboo plants, supplyin...  Read more »