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Grim Reaper Carriage - Timelapse Drawing

Hello citizens of earth, I come in peace!

This video is very special to me, I have been working hard in this drawing for 2 weeks and it's finally finished! I really hope you appreciate. This drawing was a huge experiment, I made a tripod for my camera just to record it. I also tried a new time lapse app, and worked marvelously! I'm planning to make more videos like this, do you think is a good idea? Should I keep up?

This picture was big challenge, but challenges like this helps me fight depression and sadness. I know is not perfect, I wasn't looking for perfection anyway. I did all I could in the short period of time I had (one hour per day).

I recorded this video using my mobile which is a Sony Xperia U, and I drew over a blank normal paper with mechanical pensil.

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