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Carl Sagan-Pale Blue Dot Tribute

Josh Wigger time lapse mural 6

Paint, buns and mustaches. The theme is based off some of the elements of the co-op including, a white cat that protects the garden, orchid spirits that dance with themselves and random physics equations that march like ants. I also made the music and edited the time lapse, notice the beat and dance if you're perceptive enough.DanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDanceDan­ce .  Read more »