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Time lapse of the sun melting frost off of a car

Celery Time-Lapse (The Great Celery Experiment)

This is a time-lapse of celery regrowing in a glass of water for 27 days. If you would like to regrow celery, first, buy a head of celery at the grocery store. It is preferable if there are still roots attached to the bottom of the head, although it is not absolutely necessary. Next, chop off the bottom 2-3 inches, place the bottom segment in a glass of water, or into a planter with potting soil, with the roots facing down and place it in a sunny area. Try not to submerge too much of the celery plant under the water or soil. Just barely cover the bottom. Change the water every couple days, if you are regrowing it in a glass of water, and as the outer stalks die, peel them away so they don't rot in the cup. If you are growing it in soil, make sure you keep the soil moist in the ea...  Read more »