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Robin's Nest Time Lapse - 2 of 3 Eggs Hatched Today

This is a Robin's Nest that two persistent Robins built on my front porch no matter how much I tried to discourage them. So I just accepted that I was going to lose this battle and I set up a webcam so that I could watch them and make a time lapse of them caring for their babies and eventually to watch the babies leave the nest.

Today 2 of the 3 eggs hatched... they hatched underneath the mother Robin so you can't actually see them hatching, but you can see them right after. The first one hatched right at dawn, and the second hatched mid-morning. #3 is still inside the egg.

Toward the end of the video I had to change my webcam, the first one was flaking out. So if you notice a change in angle and resolution, that's why.

This time-lapse video is 10 frames per second...  Read more ยป