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2015 BioArt Competition Winners: Mehmet Berkmen and Maria Penil

Lego Blue Racer Animated Building Instructions (Lego Creator 31027 Stop Motion "How To")

Let's build a Blue Racing Car from Lego Creator 31027

Lego Creator 3-in-1 Blue Racer

Item: 31027
Ages: 6-12
Pieces: 67

Test your driving skills with the super-cool 3-in-1 Blue Racer!

Take the sleek 3-in-1 Blue Racer for a spin. Test your driving skills as you weave through the orange traffic cones at high speed. Features a sporty blue, white and red color scheme, beefy exhausts, cool alloy-look rims and a smart rear spoiler panel that opens to reveal a detailed engine. When you’re done racing, rebuild it into a powerful snowplow with movable snow shovel or a cool buggy with awesome rear engine detailing.

Features hinged rear spoiler panel, detailed engine, 4 orange traffic cones and alloy-look rims
Check out the sporty blue, white and red color scheme!
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