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Slugs Eating a Flower "Time Lapse"

I do not own this music, Benny Hill does.
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Slugs Eating a Flower "Time Lapse"

Slugs are generally disliked by most people. When search for information on them, all I found was articles on how to kill them. Slugs are actually pretty interesting to learn about, so I was disappointed to see such a lack of information.
Slugs are part of the Mollusca Phylum along with clams, snails, and other mollusks; and the Class Gastropoda with other Gastropods (Stomach Foot) such as snails and sea slugs. There are over 40,000 species of slugs and snails living everywhere where there are plants. They eat plant material and pose a big problem for gardeners, because they will demolish large sums of plants. (Probably why everyone wants to kill them.
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