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Hajde da igramo Minecraft - Epizoda 65 - Ulaz :O

Making of: Super Ted!

Time lapse video of Chief Monster Maker, Kaeti, making a Super Ted for the Queen of Hearts in Providence, RI. The super speedy stuffing is hilarious!

King Ted's alter-ego and right hand man, Super Ted protects the citizens of Stuffed Animal World from the Jester of Seriousness and his foul steamroller. He is 18 inches tall, all plush, with undies and a cape.

Stuffed Animal World is an imaginary place I created as a child. The characters are based on my toys, my friends' toys, and my mischievous brother's antics. Stuffed Animal World lives above the clouds, a magical place ruled by teddy bears and other stuffed animals. You can visit it on your next airplane ride!  Read more »