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2012-02-28 Regina today Lorne street (time lapse) min -20 °C

Regina Saskatchewan. Today's upload is a timelapse. Video lorne/11th intersecton. As you can see (of you're a time traveler', sun is shining.. for this day. But it is biting cold... i.e. pedistrians are wearing mittens and toque. Other than the cold it is a nice day to to visit. Almost same as last year -- only difference sky is clear on this day.

note to self:
music - magix sound pool dvd "Remember the 90s"
camera: casio EX-FH100 (unsupported time lapse function)
camera hanging upside down by the ceiling.
picture length set to 2 frames. Video is 30 fps.
changed battery at 9:23 AM hence the shift in framing.

Mean Temperature -13 °C -
Max Temperature -6 °C -8 °C 1 °C (1999)
Min Temperature -20 °C -17 °C -28 °C (2009)

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