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Timelapse: Storm Dumps Record Snow on New York City

Caterpillar Trek

This video follows Cadence, the black swallowtail caterpillar, as she leaves her host plant in search of a place to become a chrysalis and ultimately a butterfly. All of Cadence's movements in the video are how they actually occurred; there are no slow motion, time lapse, or loop photography effects.

This video will show you how some caterpillars move and hopefully give you an appreciation of the effort required to become a butterfly. Without caterpillars there would be no butterflies.

As an 'eagle eye' challenge, see if you can spot the red ant.

This 7 minute and 46 second video was shot using iPhone 5S and Canon Powershot SX40HS cameras. I apologize for the blurry spot, which is where the battery was running down. It does clear up again after the cameras are switched.  Read more »